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Italian olives & antipasti

Olive cornucopia - green, black, stuffed, marinaded and even grilled!

A great range of olives from San Severino Marche in Italy; stone in or out, some stuffed – with pimentos, garlic, almonds or pesto; some marinated; some grilled .. and all packed in convenient 1.9Kg trays.


A very different take on presenting olives

Olives stuffed with lemon peel, pecorino cheese or sun-dried tomatoes .. new and different taste combinations to tempt any palate. Unadulterated Sicilian olives with nothing extra needed, just the shortest period of curing. Nostrane olives: black, small, intensely flavoured and further enhanced with wild fennel, garlic and aromatic herbs. Absolutely delicious, all of them.


A world of carefully prepared Italian vegetables for salads and cooking

Grilled artichokes, aubergines and peppers, Grilled champignons and wood mushrooms. Borretane onions in balsamic vinegar, Sun dried, semi sun dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Marinated garlic cloves. A great antipasto mix and a special ‘Mediterranean mix’. Should be really easy to make your five a day!