The Anthony Rowcliffe Service is industry revered

As you will see, this site includes a comprehensive range of British and continental cheeses, charcuterie, pates, olives ... and so much more - making us the friendly, easy-to-use, 'one stop shop' for your deli counter. When you order from Rowcliffe, delivery is next day; free for orders over £100 and with a fixed £4 charge for orders under £100.

We're recognised for a 'hands on' approach. It's part of our total commitment to helping all our customers make the most out of their chilled food sales. Advice on ranges, merchandising, ticketing and even staff training is provided and we also offer trade-boosting promotions and product launches. Over our 40 year history as a supplier, we have helped 1000s of new businesses start up and we are proud to have continued working closely with them as regular customers.

We attach the utmost importance to ensuring that every product we supply is not only the best available example of its type but also complies with all legal and good practice requirements. That enables our customers to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to meeting ‘due diligence’ obligations.

We believe one of our main strengths is a world-class Technical Team - each member hand picked for their scientific knowledge combined with a passion for fine food.

All the above has helped to make us the leader in our field. And we believe that comes with a resposibility to do all we can in support of our customers and our industry. To meet this obligation:

  • we design and run in-house food safety courses for our customers, suppliers and staff
  • we are the only company to sit on the 3 key Technical Committees for speciality foods
  • we directly influence government bodies and work with academic institutions to further the interests of our customers and suppliers
  • we audit suppliers and have even developed an audit standard for speciality cheese makers, which has become nationally accepted
  • we are continuously building our knowledge and library in conjunction with the leading scientists in the field
  • in addition to our Grade A BRC and fully implemented Quality Management System, we test products in the lab, carrying out a comprehensive screening on each delivery

Over many years, we have endeavoured to supply practical assistance to customers on a wide range of issues - whether it be with Environmental Health or Trading Standards challenges, product queries .. even consumers' dietary issues. We know how much easier and more enjoyable it is to sell when you have complete confidence in your food suppliers and we strive to provide you with all the assurances you need to enjoy total confidence in all Anthony Rowcliffe produce.

Extremely professional and crucially knowledgable suppliers.

"I consider Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd to be extremely professional and crucially knowledgable suppliers into the British cheese market place. Colston Bassett Dairy have worked with this business for over 25 years and i would not hesitate to recommend anyone entering cheese retail to use Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd".

Billy Kevan